Maule Valley

Primary Producer of Wines of Chile

Located 250 kms south of Santiago, the Maule Valley has the largest planted area of vineyards in Chile, with more than 34 thousand hectares of white and red grapes, of French origin such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but also heritage varieties such as País and Moscatel.

In this valley you can find a great variety of vines, along its terroir that considers soils of the foothills, valley, dry land and coast. It has the sub-valleys of Loncomilla and Cauquenes

In this valley we find the Maule Valley Wine Route Association, formed by 10 wineries that have worked in coordination to promote wine tourism, with a high potential for differentiation of the experience.

It has two major events such as the Night of Carmenere, which takes place during the month of January and the Wine Boulevard, at harvest time.

Vineyards of Maule